Marketing ROI: How do you compare?

When is the last time you properly measured the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? Do you know what information to collect and how to identify and analyze the data that matters?

Review these five critical questions, and you will be able to start forming the foundation for a successful marketing campaign or even a strong marketing strategy.

1] What are the primary benefits to the customer when they buy from you?
Once you know the answer to this, you can begin to focus on how to best convey those benefits, so your customers can look at your sales and marketing collateral and immediately know what your products offer them, and what may set you apart from the herd.

2] What are your key strengths in the market?
In comparing your company to your competitors, do you find that they can claim any of the same benefits you offer? What are the areas where you are stronger than your competition? How can you leverage those strengths in your marketing materials?

3] What weaknesses do you have?
Where is your competition stronger than you? How can you minimize the weakness? Put yourself in your competitors’ shoes and you’ll be more effective in gaining a competitive advantage over them.

4] What makes you unique?
What is the one product, service or benefit you offer that your competitors can’t?

5] If you were to buy from your company, would you be thrilled?
Are you delivering an excellent customer experience? Where can improvements be made?

After reviewing these questions, we have a simple offer. Join us for the opportunity to more effectively measure your marketing’s return on investment.

Our Marketing ROI Performance Study will ensure that you are collecting the right information about your marketing and sales programs, and that you are able to identify and analyze the metrics that matter.

Contributing participants will receive the following:
• Monthly participant webinar to review best practices
• Quarterly executive summary
• Invitation to annual Marketing Best Practices Conference

We are accepting applications now. For more information or to register for this study, please contact me (petew at pwmginc dot com).

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