Shorten a Web Link and See if People Care

Coke or Pepsi?

Honda or Toyota?

Tiny URL or TR.IM?

Like many people, I have cut-and-pasted countless incredibly long Internet links into emails over the years and sent them to colleagues or friends or family when I wanted them to see an article I found. However, like many people, I would often have recipients of these emails reply to let me know they couldn’t reach the website I wanted them to see because the link I sent wouldn’t work anymore thanks to a line break in the email.

And like many, I was happy when URL shrinkers started becoming available. I started using TinyURL ( whenever I needed to shorten a URL for a twitter post or a facebook post. But I have since learned of other similar services that are actually an improvement on TinyURL.

No offense against it either, since TinyURL is a reliable free service. But there are other free URL shrinkers, like BudURL ( and TR.IM (, that offer an extra benefit: built-in analytics so you can track how many people click on your shortened Internet link.

If you are interested in traffic data and finding out whether the links you pass on are valuable to your audience, consider using one of these URL shrinkers.

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