Integrate Your Marketing Efforts with Your Lead Generation

Pete Wiltjer was the guest speaker at the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association’s Business-to-Business monthly meeting in September. He talked about the importance of effectively integrating a brand message within a company’s outbound lead generation efforts. Here are a few key points from this presentation that we’d like to share with you:

1. Your brand is the whole experience of doing business with your company, including a prospect’s or client’s time on the phone with anyone representing your organization. So, even your outbound email and telemarketing should be aligned with a positive brand experience.

2. This often means fine tuning your email messages and outbound calling scripts to reinforce value, rather than only pushing for an appointment.

o For instance, try offering a free case study, a white paper or something that can assist the prospect in taking action on an acknowledged problem he plans to spend $$ to resolve.

o WHEN YOU GET VOICEMAIL: Leave an intelligent message. Avoiding leaving a message that reminds prospects of auto-dialers.

With regard to email marketing, in particular, I agree with Craig Kerr of iPost, who was quoted in this insightful article from BtoB. Kerr said that by focusing on your e-mail strategy instead of devising the next cool campaign, marketing managers should be able to demonstrate to upper management that they are focusing on return on investment. And that importance cannot be understated in a recession.

3. After all, outbound call and email campaigns should generate interest in your company.

o But it only happens when you tell a story that connects with the prospect’s acknowledged need.

o The challenge is to keep tailoring the storytelling to the interests of the prospect, not just preaching principles and products.

*Contact us if you’d like to discuss ways we can support your lead generation efforts!

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