Cheat Sheet for Marketing a Commercial Foodservice Consultancy

Your entire team went above and beyond the call while finishing your last restaurant design and renovation project. Your client is thrilled, and has even offered up some referral business for your design firm already.

Of course, you are also thinking ahead about how to market the success of your last project and position it as a shining example of your company’s ability to dazzle restaurant guests and, more importantly, drive new revenue for your company.

Will your marketing strategy pay off? Will you be able to execute this strategy effectively, to make sure you reach all marketing and communications channels?

This brief article contains a cheat sheet for helping you to raise awareness of your outstanding work, and to drive new and repeat business to your consultancy through a few simple and cost-effective steps.

The best part about these tips? They are marketing tactics that you can execute on your own, and all fall under the proven approach known as content marketing.


Step 1: Your website and social media channels 

Your website and related social media channels should be central to your marketing efforts, and the first place that you publish news about your company. But nobody wants to publish a blog post more than once. If you have a blog on your website, then set up a widget to automatically republish content from your blog to your social media channels.

Step 2: Email works for you. Really!

An email newsletter can work wonders for keeping prospects and clients aware of your latest happenings. They also help you keep track of your contacts’ whereabouts.

In order to produce a well-read electronic newsletter, you need to emphasize brevity in your content and your visual presentation. If your email is difficult to open or navigate, no one will read it. If it contains a ton of content, no one will read it.

PWMG has been producing electronic newsletters for its clients for more than 20 years. Our newsletters garner high open rates and excellent response rates. More importantly, they provide our clients with valuable, timely intelligence about which marketing messages resonate with their audience, and about which contacts are expressing interest in a particular message. We can help you with this; just let us know if you would like a hand.

Step 3: Webinars are easy to produce

Webinars that offer free advice are affordable and easy to produce. Now, we are not talking about giving away trade secrets here through a webinar. But you can offer some great advice to your prospects about, for instance, the steps they should take when preparing for a foodservice renovation project.

After all, it would only make your job easier if a prospective client knew how to get its ducks in a row and have a time-saving discussion with a design consultant.

Our friend A.J. Barker of the Seattle-based Think Tank Hospitalty Group, would agree that it is much easier to work with clients who know the right questions to ask.

“We pride ourselves on not only delivering a great product to our clients, but also in saving them a substantial amount of money while we work with them,” said A.J. Barker, principal of brand operations, Think Tank Hospitality Group. “In order to do this, we need to help many of our first-time clients understand the big picture of a renovation project, and then break down the various stages that are usually involved in this type of work. When we do this, it helps them to ask better questions and allows us to be more effective from the outset.”

Step 4: Report card shows you where you measure up

So far, this article has outlined some helpful tactics you can use to promote your business. But you must not forget about measuring your results.

Without the important step of using a report card to measure your marketing efforts, you won’t be able to determine which tactic is most effective, which one needs work, whether you have the right frequency, and more.

If you want help developing and using a marketing report card, you have come to the right place. We have been using marketing report cards for more than 20 years, and understand how to help you make sense of your website’s analytics data.

Would you like to talk with one of our team members and find out how to jump start your own marketing efforts?

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