Some Like it Hot: B2B Marketing Trends

By labeling something a marketing trend, it implies that there is some track record of sustained and repeatable success attached to a new marketing approach. Right?

PWMG will be writing about marketing trends that we observe and that we use ourselves throughout the coming year. This particular blog will kick things off by highlighting some of the upcoming trends that have been identified by pundits at leading business media outlets like AdAge, Contently, Fortune, and HubSpot.

For instance, this infographic from MarketingProfs demonstrates the dizzying array of marketing trends that have impacted B2B companies recently.


Tom Kolestas’ article in AdAge about the ways data will change B2B marketing is particularly relevant, because it demonstrates the far-reaching importance of strategic content development programs that will drive marketing forward.

While this take on marketing trends in Forbes by my friend Dan Newman presents some prescient ideas (3D technology going mainstream) and some observations that have been clear for years (like – social media is a channel, not an overall strategy).

Is there a marketing trend you have questions about? We’d love to hear from you.