Ice Cream Maker PR Spotlights Foodservice Marketing Trend

When the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer, Nestle, announced last year that it had simplified ingredients for six of its ice cream brands, it was not only a win for consumers that are tired of GMOs, artificial ingredients and food chemicals. It also telegraphed how to execute effective foodservice marketing, and it demonstrated an ability to present transparent-yet-effective marketing messages that help draw people into a corporate blog and website.

Nestle’s announcement about simplifying ice cream ingredient lists was focused squarely on an unstated message that ran throughout its corporate PR statement: the company cares greatly about the health of its customers. But it also demonstrated that the company clearly understands what trends are important to consumers today: simple and real.

smart PR pays off

By announcing the change to its ice cream products, Nestle appropriately touted an important improvement in its ice cream while also reminding its customers, the neighborhood supermarkets of the world, that it was supremely aware of the established food trend: simple and real. And by doing so, Nestle also provided a great reminder to all foodservice manufacturers and suppliers about the importance of keeping up with market trends.

Has your company introduced any new solutions that should be perceived as either a response to market trends or an understanding of your customer preferences? If so, have you connected these dots in your marketing efforts around these new solutions?

Today, an effective B2B marketer not only needs new content, but also needs to demonstrate the real value of that content. New product or service launches should provide this opportunity, but if you are too busy talking about the features of your new offering without connecting it to a bigger business issue, then you are missing the boat!

Of course, you believe that your new product or service offers a relevant benefit for your market. You have already invested tons of resources to transform your idea into a new revenue-generating channel for your business. But if you aren’t easily connecting it’s value to a bigger picture through your marketing messages, including your PR, then you are missing a real opportunity to communicate with your target market in a more meaningful way.