Hospitality Suppliers: Give Your Inbound Marketing Plans a Tune Up to Be Ready for Anything

Brrr. Don’t you just love April snow? It reminds us that we here in Chicago need to be prepared for anything when it comes to the weather.


Actually, I love April because the warm days finally start to creep in between these cold-and-nasty ones, and make us think about backyard barbecues and all the pleasures of spending time outside. I have noticed many hospitality industry suppliers ramping up their spring marketing efforts too, by promoting solutions for the nearly upon us al fresco dining season.

With your marketing, the way to be prepared for anything is by following a plan. And that plan must start with a solid understanding of what motivates your ideal buyers. Thank goodness we have technology to help with this process.

Marketing automation platforms can make that task easy by offering a roadmap for your marketing efforts. But can your marketing team truly be prepared for everything, even if they are using marketing automation?

For instance…

  • Is your marketing team prepared to produce and publish marketing content that targets your ideal buyer personas?
  • Assuming your marketing team is able to produce regular blog content, are they also prepared to leverage those blogs and turn them into magnets for converting your website visitors into prospects?
  • Is your marketing team prepared to answer your sales team’s questions about which marketing content is generating the best prospects? Or answer questions about what changes are being made to your marketing content to increase your conversions?
  • Is your marketing content able to respond effectively to buyer objections?
  • Are you measuring up to your competitors, in terms of website traffic?
  • Does your marketing team know how to create a sustainable content marketing plan that helps your company tell its story more effectively?

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