This is the old blog for the Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group. Our new blog is at http://blog.pwmginc.com/blog, and housed within our website at www.pwmginc.com, where you can always reach us.

You can also reach us at info@pwmginc.com. PWMG is a boutique marketing and PR agency in the Chicago suburbs. We have been in business for 10 years, and proudly offer nearly 50 years of experience serving organizations of all sizes and shapes, from start-ups to publicly-traded international conglomerates.

We are driven to help our clients achieve their business objectives, overcome their business challenges and surpass their business goals.

We leverage a proven, time-tested mix of direct marketing, public relations, market research, web optimization and telemarketing, and our campaigns quickly identify growth opportunities for our clients. We love our work. We love trying to create new business opportunities for different companies every day, and we relish the challenges that come with the job.

We are serious about measuring results, too, and have spent years developing an integrated multi-channel marketing measurement methodology, based on six sigma principles, that blends creativity with excellence in tactical execution.

Our external mission: Help clients put more qualified prospects in the pipeline at a lower cost, and help our clients make lasting and substantial improvements in marketing and sales performance.

Our people mission: Build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people while fairly compensating them for their extraordinary contributions

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