Hospitality Marketing and Your Sales Projections Over the Holidays

By embracing social media platforms, your company can enjoy some of the same loyalty and renewed interest that retailers are seeking.

Attracting Customers With Facebook

We love working in the business-to-business world, and love helping our clients learn how to overcome the challenges of using social media channels to market their businesses. One of the biggest challenges is related to Facebook, where we encounter a good deal of cynicism. If you are a B2B company that has struggled to incorporate … Continue reading Attracting Customers With Facebook

Some Like it Hot: B2B Marketing Trends

By labeling something a marketing trend, it implies that there is some track record of sustained and repeatable success attached to a new marketing approach. Right? PWMG will be writing about marketing trends that we observe and that we use ourselves throughout the coming year. This particular blog will kick things off by highlighting some … Continue reading Some Like it Hot: B2B Marketing Trends

Inbound Marketing Shortens Your Sales Cycle

We saw this study from HubSpot the other day, and it reinforced what we know --and what, fortunately, many of our clients also understand: good marketing requires patience. However, the more inbound marketing a company implements, the sooner they enjoy the benefits of lead generation. Refining your message and getting it out through the right … Continue reading Inbound Marketing Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Navigating Facebook’s Labyrinth of Privacy Options

Many of our clients find it difficult to embrace Facebook for their marketing, and even more difficult to let their employees use the service during work hours. We have heard them say that Facebook has become too complicated and that it presents too many security risks. If you are not a regular Facebook user, but … Continue reading Navigating Facebook’s Labyrinth of Privacy Options

Are You Using a “One-and-Done” Approach to Your Website?

We often encounter businesses that have appealing-looking websites, flush with edgy graphics and even decent content, but still missing a major component: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No matter how attractive your website is, you are missing out on one of the major purposes of website development if your website is not optimized for search engines. … Continue reading Are You Using a “One-and-Done” Approach to Your Website?

PWMG in Catering Magazine

PWMG has done a lot of work with the foodservice industry, and we were delighted that Catering Magazine reached out to us to share some marketing basics for their readers. Featured in their September/October 2012 issue, you can find the full article here starting on page 44. A lot of the guidance that we offer … Continue reading PWMG in Catering Magazine

Crock Pot Girls: Going Viral Thanks to a Targeted, Simple Message

By Kylie Wiltjer, business development director, PWMG As I often do, I logged on to Facebook two nights ago to check in with my friends and family. As I observed the “Recent Activity”, one item caught my attention: 9 of my friends (most of whom do not know one another) had all “Liked” a page … Continue reading Crock Pot Girls: Going Viral Thanks to a Targeted, Simple Message

Press Release Savings Calculator? Right!

This offer is ridiculous. Cision is pushing its PR distribution services hard, knowing that Businesswire, PR Newswire and a host of other wire services are raking in the dough on wire service fees. While I applaud the full-court-press manner that Cision is applying to this effort, the idea that this service can save you thousands … Continue reading Press Release Savings Calculator? Right!