Hospitality Marketing and Your Sales Projections Over the Holidays

By embracing social media platforms, your company can enjoy some of the same loyalty and renewed interest that retailers are seeking.


B2B Marketing Trends: Editorial as Content

In order to finance two of the most famous and successful U.S. media companies, the publishers of Ebony and Playboy literally sold their own furniture. Back then, John H. Johnson and Hugh Hefner were too busy to sit down much anyway, so it's likely they didn't miss the furniture that much. While people still recognize these famous magazine titles, … Continue reading B2B Marketing Trends: Editorial as Content

Viral Marketing Can Be Bad for Your Health: Before You Eat That Avocado Pit, Read This…

Who doesn't enjoy avocado, either mashed up as guacamole or sliced and imparted into sandwiches or salads? The funny thing about avocados that you may have noticed recently, there seems to be a collection of 'experts' that are now advocating that you eat the avocado pits as well as the delicious green flesh everyone already … Continue reading Viral Marketing Can Be Bad for Your Health: Before You Eat That Avocado Pit, Read This…

Hospitality Marketing Primer: Engaging a Distracted Audience with Compelling Content Marketing

B2B marketing challenges and ways to overcome them.

Attracting Customers With Facebook

We love working in the business-to-business world, and love helping our clients learn how to overcome the challenges of using social media channels to market their businesses. One of the biggest challenges is related to Facebook, where we encounter a good deal of cynicism. If you are a B2B company that has struggled to incorporate … Continue reading Attracting Customers With Facebook