Inbound Marketing Shortens Your Sales Cycle

We saw this study from HubSpot the other day, and it reinforced what we know --and what, fortunately, many of our clients also understand: good marketing requires patience. However, the more inbound marketing a company implements, the sooner they enjoy the benefits of lead generation. Refining your message and getting it out through the right … Continue reading Inbound Marketing Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Navigating Facebook’s Labyrinth of Privacy Options

Many of our clients find it difficult to embrace Facebook for their marketing, and even more difficult to let their employees use the service during work hours. We have heard them say that Facebook has become too complicated and that it presents too many security risks. If you are not a regular Facebook user, but … Continue reading Navigating Facebook’s Labyrinth of Privacy Options

Who’s Stealing from Whom?

Has it come to this? This article shows how media are working to expand their influence on Google. And truthfully, who should be surprised by this? Sales and marketing folks who compete for eyeballs in an ever-splintered media market are in a constant battle for Google page rankings. Is this hurting the average web user? … Continue reading Who’s Stealing from Whom?

Do you have a Google Profile yet?

Google has unveiled its newest feature, Google Profiles.  If you thought Twitter was hot, make sure you don't miss the latest "hottest thing" to hit social media. Google Profiles allow you to present yourself on Google products to other Google users. Even better, it allows you to control how you appear on Google and tell … Continue reading Do you have a Google Profile yet?

Recession’s Golden Egg

Tom Peters, the management guru who wrote Thriving on Chaos, knows how to run a business in times of economic disarray. (Thriving on Chaos debuted on Black Monday in 1987.) He was recently quoted in Inc. Magazine: "Instant, mindless cutting of R&D or training or sales force travel in the face of a downturn is … Continue reading Recession’s Golden Egg

Tweet only the info that helps people

Shankman's got it right. Too many people don't understand the benefit of a service like Twitter; they prefer to blast out 'yogurt' messages about what they are doing without first thinking about whether the info may even have value to anyone. As he explains, it doesn't take much more to send out a 'yogurt information' … Continue reading Tweet only the info that helps people