Measuring for Successful and Repeatable Hospitality Industry Inbound Marketing

Do you remember the most successful marketing program you ever executed for your foodservice operation? Were you able to repeat that success? If not, perhaps you need to add measurement to your recipe so you can document what works and repeat it. When you are affiliated with a global brand, you enjoy the high-budget and sophisticated marketing … Continue reading Measuring for Successful and Repeatable Hospitality Industry Inbound Marketing

PWMG in Catering Magazine

PWMG has done a lot of work with the foodservice industry, and we were delighted that Catering Magazine reached out to us to share some marketing basics for their readers. Featured in their September/October 2012 issue, you can find the full article here starting on page 44. A lot of the guidance that we offer … Continue reading PWMG in Catering Magazine

Who’s Stealing from Whom?

Has it come to this? This article shows how media are working to expand their influence on Google. And truthfully, who should be surprised by this? Sales and marketing folks who compete for eyeballs in an ever-splintered media market are in a constant battle for Google page rankings. Is this hurting the average web user? … Continue reading Who’s Stealing from Whom?

Marketing ROI: How do you compare?

When is the last time you properly measured the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? Do you know what information to collect and how to identify and analyze the data that matters? Review these five critical questions, and you will be able to start forming the foundation for a successful marketing campaign or even a strong … Continue reading Marketing ROI: How do you compare?