Integrate Your Marketing Efforts with Your Lead Generation

Pete Wiltjer was the guest speaker at the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association's Business-to-Business monthly meeting in September. He talked about the importance of effectively integrating a brand message within a company's outbound lead generation efforts. Here are a few key points from this presentation that we’d like to share with you: 1. … Continue reading Integrate Your Marketing Efforts with Your Lead Generation


Marketing ROI: How do you compare?

When is the last time you properly measured the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? Do you know what information to collect and how to identify and analyze the data that matters? Review these five critical questions, and you will be able to start forming the foundation for a successful marketing campaign or even a strong … Continue reading Marketing ROI: How do you compare?

Recession’s Golden Egg

Tom Peters, the management guru who wrote Thriving on Chaos, knows how to run a business in times of economic disarray. (Thriving on Chaos debuted on Black Monday in 1987.) He was recently quoted in Inc. Magazine: "Instant, mindless cutting of R&D or training or sales force travel in the face of a downturn is … Continue reading Recession’s Golden Egg

Marketing by Example, Pt V

What were we up to last week? More than you think. Beyond our main commitment to our clients (new sales letters developed, new pitches going out, new interviews coordinated), we were also working hard to protect our good name (rotten identity thieves) while refining our own messaging. Justin Petrucelli gives you a look in his … Continue reading Marketing by Example, Pt V