Viral Marketing Can Be Bad for Your Health: Before You Eat That Avocado Pit, Read This…

Who doesn’t enjoy avocado, either mashed up as guacamole or sliced and imparted into sandwiches or salads?

The funny thing about avocados that you may have noticed recently, there seems to be a collection of ‘experts’ that are now advocating that you eat the avocado pits as well as the delicious green flesh everyone already loves.

Um, yuck. But to each his own, right?

And my family eats enough avocados that I actually started to consider following one of the recommendations I saw about grinding up the pit and mixing it into smoothies or other sauces. I’m a waste-not-want-not kind of guy, so I was willing to consider the idea.

Well, then my wife found this article that questions the avocado pit eating experts, and certainly changed my mind about considering whether I should feed my family the avocado seed. And then I found this article from the official California Avocado blog, again warning people to not trust everything they read.

Yikes! Social media viral marketing story gone bad, eh? But my wife and I certainly did get a good laugh about the nature of social media articles that go viral.


It also reminded me of another viral campaign we wrote about way back when, and underscored the importance of targeted and simple marketing messages that include trustworthy data, references and sources.

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